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eKomps is an experienced, Reliable PC and Laptop service company. Devoted to helping our clients with their PC's and laptops in Basingstoke and surrounding areas.

* Does your computer run slowly or stop responding?
* Would you like your computer to run faster?
* Does it have a Virus? Spyware or Malware?
* Do you get the Windows Blue Screen of Death?
* Does your computer work at all?
* Does your computer need upgrading?
* Do you need a new printer?
* Do you need a new scanner?
* Do you have problems connecting to your internet?
* Do you have a new internet connection that needs installing?
* Do you need a wireless network installation?
* Do you need a local area network installation?
* Do you need to have a printer instaled on your wireless or local network?
* Have you recently bought new software that you need help installing?
* Do you need a new computer?

If any of these are a yes? Call or email us now for:

* Advice
* Training
* Installation
* Maintenance
* Upgrades
* Problem Solving
* Solutions

And the best thing is... you can afford it!
We offer very competitive prices, and we'll even beat an existing price quotation you have!

But the best thing we offer is:

* We have a Strict NO FIX NO FEE policy!

You know what that means... if we don't fix it, you don't pay us!

We offer friendly, efficient services from an experienced I.T. professional to all home and small business users for all Computers and Laptops, any make or model.

So don't hesitate, and give us a call now on: 07581 681153 or email us at: info@ekomps.co.uk

eKomps ia a independent I.T. Repairs, Upgrades and Servicing company.

We have over 7 year’s experience in the I.T. industry including, Building Desktop Computers, Repairing Desktop Computers and Laptops, and also Upgrades and Servicing.

eKomps is built on the principles of making our clients happy and providing reliable service. We do this by ensuring we are very competitive in our prices and keeping the best possible customer service at all times.

Our range of services continue to grow by improving our services and listening to our clients.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.


We are based in Basingstoke. But we do cover all surrounding areas such as, Reading, Newbury, Winchester, Basingstoke, Andover, and many more!


Rob Arthur, a computer specialist based in Basingstoke with over 7 Years of experience and knowledge in building Desktop Computers, Repairing and Servicing Laptops and Desktop Computers.

Rob also has experience in the following: Networking, Operator Systems, Programming, and much more.

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