The services we offer are: (All services include a consultation)

1. PC / Laptop set-up

    * Hassle free set-up of system
    * Operating system set-up, users and passwords
    * Install all windows updates
    * Installation and set-up of software
    * Connect system to router / internet / network
    * Set-up of mobile broadband / home broadband

2. Computer upgrade

    * Check that selected upgrades will work with current system
    * Install and configure the upgrade
    * Clean inside of dust and dirt

3. Memory installation

    * Identify the correct memory for PC / Laptop
    * Complete memory installation

4. PC speed up

    * Review computer to see performance
    * Optimise computer
    * Review after to see performance

5. Software installation

    * Check system to double check new software can be installed (if upgrades are needed we will advise of this)
    * Install software and register for warranty (incl. update and patch)

6. Wireless network set-up

    * Set-up router and connect computers
    * Configure router so network is safe and secure
    * Fully test network, show you how it works, and remind you of any passwords

7. Wireless printer set-up

    * Unpack printer and check contents
    * set-up printer in location you specify
    * Install software and connect computers to printer
    * Configure and set-up security

8. Desktop computer / Laptop repair

    * Run diagnosis and specify what the problem is
    * Advise parts needed (if any)
    * Repair computer

9. PC health check

    * Diagnosis of hardware and software
    * Install any updates / patches that may be missing
    * Scan and remove any viruses / spyware
    * PC valet inside to remove dirt and dust

10. Virus / spyware removal

    * Search and remove any viruses / spyware from computer (may need to remove and re-install operating system, will discuss)
    * Re-installation of anti-virus software
    * Protect system harder for virus / spyware to return

11. Operating system installation

    * Check system to see if it can accept new operating system and discuss options also
    * Recommend any upgrades you may require
    * Install all recommended updates for your new operating system
    * Install software for operating system

12. Custom computer build (includes 2 years warranty)

    * Discuss the ideal computer for your needs
    * Quote on all parts needed for complete system
    * Build and set-up system
    * 2 years warranty on most computer builds, and free advice and support for 1 year after

So call now for a free no obligation quote on any of these items.

Services Available


We offer all types of computer parts and peripherals. We will have a full catolougue in the near future. So keep an eye on this page!

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